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Silicone replacement service

Regularly replacing your shower sealant is important for many reasons. Mould can easily build up in old sealant, causing it to become unhygienic and damaging to your bathroom. Silicone sealants can also become brittle over time and can start to crack, allowing dirt and limescale to enter your shower. Replacing your sealant can help keep your bathroom looking good, and also help keep it hygienic. By using a professional handyman or decorator to replace the sealant, you can be sure it is done correctly and will last for years.


We offer the Removal, cleaning and application of silicone/mastic anti-fungal sealants professionally to provide a long-lasting water seal around sinks, showers, baths, windows and doors.

Having your existing sealant replaced if there is any sign of fungal growth or splitting of the existing seal is not something you want to delay. Problems with your existing sealant can cause costly problems to resolve.

We provide the following services:

  • ​Evaluate damage

  • Steam clean tiles and grout

  • Cleaning metallic and chrome surfaces

  • Removal of all limescale deposits

  • Clean grouting and tiles 

  • Tile and grout surface protection

  • Remove old sealants

  • Apply new anti-fungal silicone

  • Quarterly maintenance of your showers and baths

The cost of repair is minimal compared to the removal of tiles, replacement of dry walling and repair of ceilings that are damaged by water. The cost for major damages can cost many thousands of pounds.

Basin silicone
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