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  • What are the charges?
    We charge based on the labour and materials. Handyman work is charged at £45.00 per hour which is a fixed charge for the requested booking and Furniture assembly work has a fixed rate per item type. Project work like decorating, carpentry etc lasting a full day or longer are quoted as fixed job rates. Travel Charges apply to some areas. Before confirming the booking an estimated cost will be shown depending on the above factors. To get an estimated cost please follow this link to begin your booking. Start a booking here (Note: our rates may change during the year)
  • When and how do I pay?
    You will pay once the job is completed. We may request a deposit to secure your booking for certain jobs. For callouts - Payment is taken by bank transfer, card payment or cash at your premises. For projects - Occasionally we will request a deposit, usually for high-value jobs. When the duration is longer than a week we request part progress payments for work already done.
  • Are you insured?
    We are currently insured for the following: Public and Products Liability Employers Liability / 5m Contract Works
  • Do you charge VAT
    No as of 31 March 2023 we are deregistered for VAT
  • Completing the job faster than the booking time
    The job is billed for the amount of time requested or quoted. We are very accommodating so If you require other jobs to be done within this time it may be possible if we have the right equipment.
  • How do I make a booking?
    Click on Make a booking which will take you to our booking system follow the instructions from there.
  • Do I need to be present for the work?
    You need to make yourself available for our work. We will require that you show us what you would like done, answer questions that we may pose before during and after the task as well as sign off the work. If you are not in we will not enter and you will be charged a booking cancellation fee.
  • Should I buy the parts I need first?
    It is best to buy the parts before we arrive ready for fitment. If you do not know what to buy, we can inspect what is required and then buy the parts for you. However please note that we charge for our time in doing so which would be the time on site doing the assessment, sourcing the products, travel to collect and deliver. We also charge 15% on the parts purchased to cover costs in admin.
  • Can I cancel the booking?
    Yes! Of course, you can cancel but you will be charged a cancellation fee if not cancelled within 24 hours of the visit. Before that, you may move the booking or cancel at no charge. Why do you charge for cancellation? - If we don't we lose income from the open space that is very difficult to re-sell and the charge helps to curb last-minute cancellations. What is the cancellation fee? - The fee is equivalent to the amount of labour charged for that day's booking.
  • Can I make a booking for today?
    You can make a booking 4 hours in advance if we have availability, for anything more urgent you need to call us or send an urgent email. To check for availability its best to book the job online here
  • What is the cancellation fee?
    The cancellation fee is the minimum price of the job. The minimum charge is either 1 hour work or the deposit that was paid upfront.
  • What if you cannot complete in the time I have booked?
    If the work cannot be completed we will request that the appointment is either extended or a return visit is booked and then treated as a seperate call entirely.
  • Why was my booking cancelled?
    You may have a cancelled booking for the following reasons: You were not in when we arrived. Either party may not have confirmed the booking if booking over the phone. We may not have been able to make it due to unforseen circumstances. If this happens we will offer a discount on return. We may have found that we cannot do the type of work involved. We may have found the site to be unsafe. If you have paid a deposit you may claim for a refund.
  • I don't know how much time to choose for the booking?
    Most simple tasks will take under an hour each, we can hang several light pictures in an hour or mount a small television. I have listed several items below to help. Mounting a picture 5 - 15 minutes Tv mount small 30 minutes Tv mount Medium 1 hour Replace a kitchen tap 1 hour Replace a pendant fitting 5 minutes
  • Are your quotations final?
    Our quotations are final based on the info given to us and what we can account for. However there are instances of additional charges incurred after starting the task we can find additional work and or additional labour needed to be able to complete the task. When this happens we notify you immediately to discuss the options. If the scope has changed because of something we did not know about initially or if you change your mind from the initial assessment then we of coarse need to charge accordingly to cover ourselves.
  • What times do you work?
    Monday to Friday 08H00 - 18H00 Saturday 09H00 - 11H00 Weekends, public holidays and after hours are by appointment only 2 - 3 weeks in advance.
  • What is your guarantee
    We guarantee our workmanship for 6 months. Products if sold by us are covered under the manufacturers guarantee only. Guarantees are ony valid when services are fully paid. Rest assured we are fully insured for public liability and if your product or premises is damaged from installation.
  • Guarantee claims
    In all instances we try to take on work which we believe we can do however occationally its hard to gage initially, it may be that additional works are required and costs are incurred, rest assured we will endevour to complete it to your satisfaction. Procedure 1. Submit comment via email. 2. We will evaluate the claim. 3. We will attemp to repair or replace. 4. If not possible we can proceed to refund.
  • What to do if we're going to assemble your furniture?
    Please have your goods delivered and taken to the room that they are to be assembled. Please do not unwrap the products. Keep all the manuals required for us to use. Clear enough room to be able to assemble the products lying flat. Move any breakables or obstacles.
  • Do you remove the boxes and wrapping?
    We could remove the boxes and wrapping for a fee. Otherwise we will seperate the items for what is recyclable and compact the boxes for you to dispose off easily.
  • How long does it take to assemble?
    Normally only one person will do your assembly, Different products take different amounts of time. A guide is below for some products. Bed - 1.5 hours Bed with storage - 1.5 to 2 hours Cabin Beds - 2.5 - 3.5 Hours Chest of drawers - 2 hours Cabinet - 1.5 Cabinet with drawers - 2 hours Pax Wardrobe no doors - 3 hours Pax wardrobe swing doors - 4 hours Pax wardrobe with sliding doors - 6.5 hours Table - 1 Hour Table with chairs - 2 hours
  • Your delivery from Ikea
    Make sure that when you receive your delivery you check that none of the boxes are damaged. If so its usual that the product will be damaged too so in that instance dont accept the product from the delivery staff.
  • Can I join The Horsham Tasker
    I'm currently looking for the right people to join The Horsham Tasker. Please apply by email You will need to tell us what you do, and your experience in doing so. Tell us about yourself, your availability and what you could do for us. We offer excellent pay, cover travel expenses and have fantastic clients. Current vacancies: Handyman (Weekends Part-time) - Horsham Handyman Assistant (Weekdays) Sealant service technician - Sussex and Surrey Painter - Horsham
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